Why We Do It

Moms, let me ask you.  When was the last time you had a physical? A mammogram? A dental check up? I hope your answer is within the last year.  But if you are a mom raising a child with special needs, that’s probably not the case.  Let’s face it, after spending hours upon hours in waiting rooms for doctors and specialists hoping they can help your children, we really don’t want to do the same waiting for ourselves.  It’s a common theme in our community!

Raising children with special needs can be isolating.  It’s in this isolation we forget to seek out friendships or current friends fade away.  We put our own needs aside to focus on our children and the rest of our family.  We start making excuses and before we know it, we feel alone and depression sets in.

Does this story sound all to familiar?This is “Why We Do It”.  Because without realizing it, these moms are actually doing their family a disfavor by neglecting their own health.

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