What is a “MoCAA Mom”?


Starting with just 7 members, MoCAA grew quickly!  But calling us “members” seemed to lack a certain pizzazz.  We weren’t just members, we were “MoCAA Moms”.  We don’t know when or where this moniker arrived.  Maybe it was the alliteration, maybe it was the “mocha” reference (we do like our coffee!), but it didn’t matter.  It stuck like glue, and “MoCAA Mom” was here to stay.

And therein lay the dilemma.  Although MoCAA stands for Moms Connect About Autism, we were less about the autism and more about the Mom.  And we weren’t the only moms sitting in those waiting rooms.  Moms raising children with other disabilities were there, too, and their challenges were just like ours.  They were juggling doctor and therapy visits with school schedules.  They were also coping with the financial burdens and worrying about our children’s futures.

The natural question we get asked is why don’t we change our name?  The answer is simple:  If we change our name, then we couldn’t be “MoCAA Moms” anymore…and MoCAA Moms are here to stay.