What MoCAA Moms Are Saying

MNO 12

“This group of ladies is amazing! I’m so happy and proud to be a member of MoCAA. Life may sometimes get stressful and overwhelming, but we always remember to stop, smell the roses, and celebrate the blessings in our lives. It was fun to celebrate the new year with you!” –Erika S

“Some of the nicest, most honest and welcoming group of intelligent ladies I’ve met! It is so great to finally meet face to face with these wonderful ladies!”  –Adriana C

 I am going to change my son’s therapy time so I can spend more time with these ladies, It is like breathe of fresh air, the only people who can understand what you are going through are the ones who are going through it as well. ” –Hollie H

mid_lorWarped, insane, depraved.  In other words, I’ve never felt more comfortable!!! ”   Evangelia M

“I’m so blessed to be a member of the group. I can’t thank the organizers enough for all their efforts. I don’t feel alone anymore!! –Louella M

“Completely awesome and fun group (& much needed mental health break . . .) :)”   Lisa T

 Loved the coffee talk today! Ladies that attended are wonderful women and amazing moms! Thank you for letting me be part of that.” –Midela CHoliday Party 25

 I’ve been a member from the very beginning and it has been so much fun getting to know all of you over the years. I still can’t believe there are over 200 of us now. ” Maria E         

**Update:  Now we are well over 500 Moms!!

***Up-up-update:  Sorry, we are well over 800 Moms and counting!!!