What MoCAA means to me:

When I first heard about MoCAA, I was pregnant with my fourth child and had just learned my third child was on the autism spectrum like his two older brothers.  Within 24 hours, my gynecologist told me about it and a woman working for my son’s developmental pediatrician mentioned it.  How coincidental is that?  I thought maybe the universe is trying to tell me something, so I went to my first MoCAA meeting later that month.  It’s been 3 years now and I can’t imagine my life without MoCAA in it.  MoCAA means love.  It means being surrounded by other Moms who “get it.”  We can laugh at ourselves.  Uplift each other.  Sometimes cry.  But usually it’s crying from laughing so hard.  It’s a fun group of ladies who play hard as autism Moms.  They advocate for their children from sun up to sun down.  They — or better said, we — are in a way a sisterhood.  We lean on each other when times are tough and celebrate the victories – however small they may seem to the rest of the world.  We encourage each other to be stronger and remember the person who often gets neglected in families with children with special needs – the caregiver.  When I think of MoCAA, I don’t think of a pity party or a sad support group.  I think of fun times, amazing mothers and how hanging with my MoCAA peeps feels like a mini vacation usually.  I’d even say it’s like a mature sorority for passionate mothers who face tough challenges and find ways to empower each other — bonding together over coffee chats, yoga classes, MNO’s and so much more.

–Erin R

MoCAA Mom since 2011