How It All Began

Just Call Us “Therapy Moms”

Chauffeurs, Social Directors, Coaches, and Educators….As parents we do it all.  Whether shuttling our kids to school, organizing sleepovers, or coaching little league, we do everything we can to help our children be successful.

Mothers raising children with special needs wear many hats, too.  In addition to monitoring homework, we have countless meetings with teachers and administrators, collaborating to develop personalized education plans for our kids.  Instead of driving our children to dance classes and soccer practices we’re taking them to seemingly constant appointments at doctor’s offices and therapists.  We spend as much time in the waiting rooms of therapy clinics, medical specialists, and hospitals as most parents spend waiting for their children during gymnastics and dance lessons or football and basketball practices.  We joked that we weren’t “Soccer Moms”, we were “Therapy Moms.”

And we weren’t alone. There were plenty more mothers in the waiting rooms. This is, in fact, where the group co-founders (Michelle Barber, Deb Gonzales, and Jen Warwick) first met. We  appreciated being able to talk to other moms who understood what we were going through.

2010 was the official beginning of MoCAA.  What took us so long to start MoCAA is probably the biggest mystery! Our first get together was in a living room with 7 other moms we had met on this journey. There was no agenda, no speakers, and no training.  Just moms getting together over coffee to share stories, solicit advice and support, and to form friendships. There were some tears but a lot of laughs.  One mom told us later that she hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time!

We knew at that very meeting we had something special and unique.  While there were nonprofits devoted to helping children with special needs, there were no other organizations in San Antonio which could provide what their mothers needed.  No one asking them, “How are you doing?”

Even though MoCAA has evolved over the years, our mission has always been the same–to support mothers raising children with special needs.

Please consider supporting our moms as we encourage, empower, and energize MoCAA Moms.