MoCAA’s Keeping Busy

The new MoCAA Calendar is out and we’ve got some fun stuff in store for our members: Go Pink Zumba in support of breast cancer awareness Yoga classes (Yin and Vinyasa) Coffee Chats (We’re determined to try every local coffee establishments till all the coffee beans in SA are gone Zumba and Salsa (Get your

MoCAA Monthly Support Meeting

Tomorrow our counselors will be discussing “Meaning Making”.  I personally was hoping that “Meaning” was actually a code word for chocolate cake, but Amy clarified it for me — “Meaning making is a way to make sense of life’s experiences and the thoughts and feelings you have associated with them.  It’s a way of explaining

Think You Aren’t Fit Enough for Yoga?

So you think you can’t do yoga?  Think again!!  Yoga is for everyone.  Watch this inspirational video and see what I mean:  Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation! Yoga is probably one of the few fitness activities where experts and newbies can take a class side by side.  All movements you make are based