MoCAA Monthly Support Meeting

Tomorrow our counselors will be discussing “Meaning Making”.  I personally was hoping that “Meaning” was actually a code word for chocolate cake, but Amy clarified it for me —

“Meaning making is a way to make sense of life’s experiences and the thoughts and feelings you have associated with them.  It’s a way of explaining things so that you have an active role in writing your life’s narrative rather than just having life happen to you.”

You can always go to HEB and buy a chocolate cake. But the information and insight you take away from our support meetings will sustain you long after the cake is gone.

As a mother raising a child with special needs, do you feel like you need some support? Whether it’s at a support meeting, Moms Night Out, or one of our free fitness classes, you realize you aren’t alone.

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Hope to see you all there!

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