“Mat-itations” A Call to Yoga!

mocaa hope yoga oct 2014I’ll admit it. I am an unabashed, slightly obnoxious yoga “pusher”. Maybe it’s because I cannot imagine maintaining my sanity, my health, my humor, my weight, my flexibility, my calm presence, and my deepest connection with myself and others without yoga. It has been the ladder that helped me crawl out of the deepest, darkest pit of grief and despair. It has been the natural ‘medicine’ that has helped me manage a debilitating disease for over a decade. It has been a faithful blueprint guiding me to live my best life daily. Before yoga I thought I understood compassion. I did not. I thought my relationships could not improve. They did. I thought I was living with optimum gratitude and grace. I wasn’t.

It isn’t magic however! I still freak out, get ‘judgy’ and thoughtless at times, eat too many chips, speak before thinking, and act before taking that big breath and pause. On top of that, when I chant “om” aloud I sound like a dying wildebeest. I look awful in a turban and have giggled in savassana. I am, in short, divinely human, flawed and struggling, brash and unrefined.

But in this present moment I am alive and joyful. I know that everything is temporary, and I am totally cool with it. I can lose everything I own and have all that I need. I may never achieve enlightenment, I don’t need to, I am just happy to be on the path.

I cannot adequately define the happiness I feel when I share yoga with my students. I am heartbroken when a student feels intimidated or fearful about practicing yoga. It’s not about having the perfect body or the perfect pose. Yoga is for everybody and anybody. Sharing yoga with the MoCAA Moms is sublime. We gather, we laugh, and we share. We give to it what we can in the moment and rest easily afterward surrounded by a room of no judgment, no comparisons, and no negativity.

My metta wish for all of you is peace, health, love and enlightenment.



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